My View on Tithing

Over the past few weeks there have been serious arguments between well known men of God and a controversial speaker (name withheld) on the issue of paying tithes.

My Take on Tithing

It is not wrong to pay tithe. It is even stated in the bible that the children of Israel were instructed to bring one tenth of their harvest to the Lord.

However, it all got wrong when Pastors and supposed men of God in Nigeria turned it to opportunity to extort money from their members.

So many pastors now use the issue of tithing to extort money from even the poor and this is very, very wrong.

In many churches, only those that pay good amount of tithe are considered members or get certain privileges.

In summary: Tithing is not wrong or a sin but the way many pastors have commercialize it, is what is wrong.

What the Bible says about tithing:

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