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Multiple Warheads: Downfall

In Multiple Warheads, an urban post-apocalyptic badass by the name of Sexica, takes us on a risky meets risque journey through the sci-fi futuristic ruins of Russia. Heart strings are pulled by her raw and rugged sexiness, as she bounces through desolate wastelands, sporting a sword and miniskirt, reeking of an oddly hot combo of caffeine, cigarettes and green apples. Using the smuggling of organs (animal and otherwise) as a source of commerce and income, Sexica transports the “goods” in medical freezers strapped to her skin under her clothes that are powered by the heat of her body. As one of the most bizarre of birthday presents (but not so bizarre in this twisted world of sci-fi and odd parallels), Sex brings her boyfriend who works as a mechanic, the gift of a wolf dick—yes you read that right, smuggled in an orifice that you'll just have to read the comic to realize. Sexica sews on the wolf member personally, and the set of cocks are surely there for her personal pleasure benefit (all of which the reader gets to witness in detail), though the organ seems to have a unexpected effect on her now super-powered boyfriend.

Image comics re-released Multiple Warheads this year as a throw back to Brandon Graham's roots, after publishing  some of his other well known titles King City and Prophet. Multiple Warheads is sure to get you your graphic imagery vs. graphic subject matter fix, with it's unexpected explicit plot turns and unconventional elements. 

Written for Modern Man Jack by: Valencia Davis

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